Build the Pipe!

While the rest of the world’s energy sectors are booming, we are struggling to get by.

This is the direct result of Justin Trudeau’s failure on several major pipeline projects.

  • He personally killed the Northern Gateway pipeline with a stroke of a pen.
  • He effectively vetoed the Energy East pipeline with last-minute regulatory changes.
  • And his deliberate strategy to delay and obstruct the Trans Mountain Expansion has put that project in peril.


The Liberals failed in their negotiations to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline, spending a billion more than what the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer estimated it was worth.


The PBO also found that the pipeline would depreciate by $693 million every year it is behind schedule.


Meanwhile, Andrew Scheer has come out with a concrete plan to get Canadian pipelines built, and the steps he would take to undo the damage Justin Trudeau’s failures have caused.

Andrew would:

  • Kill Trudeau’s No-More-Pipelines Bill C-69,
  • Cancel the carbon tax
  • End the shipping ban in British Columbia.

Then, he would establish firm timelines for pipeline approvals, invoke constitutional authority to build major projects, and eliminate foreign interference in the approvals process.

Andrew Scheer is providing real solutions for Canada’s struggling energy sector, while Justin Trudeau fails to take action.

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