Bill Morneau — resign!

Andrew Scheer has called on Bill Morneau to resign as Minister of Finance.
    • This Finance Minister has launched an attack on small businesses, health professionals, and farmers - calling hardworking Canadians tax cheats.
    • He didn’t put his millions of dollars of shares of his family company in a blind trust even after he suggested he would.
    • He refused to answer simple questions about his assets and who controls them.
    • He was fined by the ethics commissioner for failing to disclose a corporation he owned.
    • He is now under investigation for breaking federal ethics laws by introducing a bill that could directly benefit his family company.
  • He has has dodged very serious questions, again and again, about the timing of the sale of his stocks in Morneau Shepell.

Bill Morneau should not continue in his role.


He should resign.




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