Another Trudeau Liberal found guilty

Trudeau promised Canadians a new Liberal Party; one that was free of the corruption and crony capitalism of the past.

But scandal after scandal is making Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government look more like the Liberal governments Canadians are all too used to:

  • Justin Trudeau committed multiple violations of federal ethics law by traveling to a private island in the Bahamas owned by a billionaire whose foundation is registered to lobby the Government;
  • Bill Morneau broke federal ethics laws when he failed to report his offshore company in France; and
  • Now, Dominic Leblanc has been found in conflict of interest for awarding a major fishing contract to a relative.

The Conflict of Interest Act just doesn’t seem to mean anything to Justin Trudeau and his Liberals! They believe the rules don’t apply to people like them

Canadians deserve so much better than this.

We need to stop this arrogant Liberal Party and replace it with a Conservative Party that will restore ethics and responsibility to Ottawa.

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