Another 8,000 Canadians out of work!

Getting the Trans Mountain Expansion built should have been Justin Trudeau’s top priority because it is crucial to oil and gas workers across Canada.

It provides well-paying Canadian jobs, gets us fair-market value for responsibly produced Canadian oil, and gives a massive boost to our economy.

The Liberals had a year and a half to come up with a plan to ensure this important project gets built, but instead of taking action and establishing a concrete plan, they have done nothing while roadblock after roadblock has been thrown in its way.

Instead of coming up with a plan, Justin Trudeau spent $4.5 billion of taxpayers’ money to buy the pipeline.

The only problem: this does nothing to ensure that the Trans Mountain Expansion actually gets built.

It did nothing to overcome the roadblocks and delays inherent in the project.

Unsurprisingly, another roadblock was put in the way when the Federal Court of Appeal overturned the Liberal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion because they failed to properly consult with Indigenous communities.

The court did give the Liberals clear directions to address their failure to consult, but instead of following those directions, the government announced they will launch another process, with no timeline, that will only further delay construction.

It is clear Justin Trudeau is not taking this issue seriously.

He has a responsibility to use every available tool at his disposal to get the Trans Mountain Expansion built – but he has chosen to use none of them.

The Liberals have once again let down the hardworking men and women in our resource sector, whose jobs and livelihoods depend on these projects.

Canadian families cannot wait until next year for a plan.

For the workers and communities affected by Justin Trudeau’s failure, we need action now!

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