OTTAWA – Conservative Party Foreign Affairs Critic, Tony Clement, along with Conservative Senator Linda Frum, announced today they will be hosting Iran Accountability Week on Parliament Hill from May 2 to May 6, 2016. “Conservatives remain strongly opposed to the rapidly changing policy of the Government of Canada on Iran, including the lifting of sanctions and the re-opening of an embassy in Tehran. Canadians are also worried about whether Iran will remain listed as a state sponsor of terror under the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act, which would directly impact the lives of Canadian victims of terrorism and their families. There are a number of serious issues and questions that require dialogue and intense examination. That is our intention in organizing Iran Accountability Week,” said Clement. “We need to judge Iran by its actions, not by its words. Iran’s long record of egregious human rights abuses confirms our worst fears of how the regime would behave internationally given the opportunity. Iran’s Supreme Leader routinely calls for the destruction of Israel, and the persecution of gays, lesbians, the disabled and all religious minorities. Iran’s President has stated that he fooled the West about previous nuclear negotiations. We need to re-think these policy changes and the swift embrace of a regime that clearly cannot be trusted,” said Senator Frum. In the coming weeks, the full slate of events surrounding Iran Accountability Week will be announced, including a speakers evening and academic panel discussion.