The Conservative Party has set a second quarter fundraising record outside of an election year with a total of over $6 million in donations, and nearly 41,000 contributors. This marks the second quarter in a row with over $6 million donated. “We have never started a non-election year this strong in our entire history,” said Scott Lamb, Conservative Party President. “Since the election of Andrew Scheer as our leader, it hasn’t just been improvements in our fundraising, but we’ve been setting new records in our fundraising.” Q1 and Q2 totals of non-election years immediately before an election year range from $7.6 million in 2005 to $9.2 million in 2014. With a first quarter of $6.01 million and a second quarter of $6.04 million, a total of $12.05 million makes the first half of 2018 the largest in Party history outside of an election year. The Conservative Party remains the only political party that has been able to turn a significant profit in its financials. According to the most recent filing, the majority governing Liberal Party had to take out a loan to cover its losses. “The Liberals are running their party like they’re running our country – at a deficit. They are losing money and donors,” said Dustin van Vugt, Executive Director of the Conservative Party. “With the abolishment of the per vote subsidy, fundraising has become more important than ever, and it’s clear that Canadians are willing to donate to defeat the Trudeau government.” The full quarterly financial updates will be available online at []( The exact fundraising and donor numbers for the Conservative Party in the second quarter was $6,045,466 raised from 40,908 donors.