Today, Conservative members on the Standing Committee on International Trade sent a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Freeland regarding the new NAFTA legislation. The letter outlines the many shortcomings of the Liberals’ CUSMA deal, as identified by witnesses who testified before the committee.

“While Conservatives have been clear that we will support the new NAFTA’s swift passage, this new trade deal is in many respects worse for Canada than the original NAFTA with significant adverse consequences for Canadian economy,” said MP Hoback. “Conservatives heard from a number of sectors that will be negatively impacted by CUSMA and it is important that the Deputy Prime Minister is aware of these negative impacts so that the government can work to mitigate them.”

Conservatives also outlined how the Trudeau Liberals have failed to work with the Official Opposition in order to pass the new NAFTA deal expeditiously through the House of Commons.

“Canada’s Conservatives have offered repeatedly to expedite the new NAFTA deal in order to ensure swift ratification, but at every stage the Liberals have chosen to play politics,” said MP Hoback. “The letter outlines a number of instances where the Trudeau Liberals had an opportunity to speed up the NAFTA ratification process – but failed to do so.”

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