Ottawa, ON – John Brassard, Conservative House Leader, issued the following statement regarding the Conservative plan to end hybrid Parliament:

“With the current hybrid arrangements in the House set to expire on June 23rd, I have shared a plan with all other parties to move forward with in-person parliamentary proceedings as we exit the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My proposal is a reasonable and responsible path forward for the House of Commons. The plan reflects the current public health situation and will provide relief to the overstretched resources the House relies upon, such as translation services.

“Under the Trudeau government, we have witnessed a decline in democracy in Canada. This problem has only been made worse by virtual Parliament. We should never have arrived in a place where some elected Members of Parliament are prohibited from stepping foot in the House, while some Liberal Members refuse to come to the capital at all.

“Canadians elect their representatives to serve them in Ottawa, not to hide behind a computer screen or a voting app.

“Canadians are going back to work in person. It is time for Members of Parliament to do the same.”

A copy of the plan can be found here.