OTTAWA – Conservative Official Opposition leader, Rona Ambrose, and Foreign Affairs critic, Tony Clement, are offering deepest sympathies to the families of the six Canadians who were killed today in terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso at the hands of jihadists linked to Al Qaeda. “On behalf of the Conservative caucus we send our condolences to the families of the 23 victims of this senseless act of terror, and in particular, are keeping the Canadian victims in our thoughts and prayers,” said Ambrose and Clement, noting this attack comes on the heels of a report of another Canadian killed by a terror attack linked to the jihadist Islamic State earlier this week in Jakarta. “There is no doubt that Canada and Canadians are at risk in the face of this global threat against our values and our way of life. While we offer our sympathies, we also need to know that the Government of Canada is taking every measure to protect our citizens at home and abroad from the threat of terrorism.” The Conservative caucus, as it has since the Liberals took power, is calling upon the Government of Canada to end its ambiguity on our role in the fight against ISIS. These ongoing attacks are proof that decisive action is required to confront this threat, including fully supporting our coalition allies and keeping our CF-18s in the fight in Iraq and Syria.