Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Ed Fast, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, and Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister for the Treasury Board, issued the following statement marking exactly two years since Justin Trudeau last delivered a federal budget:
“We are over a year into the COVID pandemic, yet Justin Trudeau has failed to put forward an economic plan that will get Canadians back to work. Every other G7 country produced a budget during the pandemic, while the Liberals have failed to do so for a record 731 days.
“Numerous financial experts and economists have noted that the lack of a budget reflects a failure of accountability, transparency, and responsibility. With no date for when the budget will come, and two years since the last one, the Liberals now expect Parliament to approve a massive $663-billion increase to the Trudeau government’s debt limit to an eye-watering $1.83 trillion, without parliamentarians knowing how the money will be spent.
“The Liberals expect us to write them a blank cheque on behalf of taxpayers. That is not something we will do. Canada’s Conservatives are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to table a budget and show Canadians his economic plan for the future.”


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