Ottawa, ON – Gérard Deltell, House Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement at the end of the first sitting week of the 44th Parliament:

“Conservatives returned to the House of Commons with a focus on the real issues facing Canadians, including inflation, labour shortages, and Canada’s slow economic recovery.

“In order to stand up for the interest of Canadians, Conservatives used every parliamentary tool available to highlight these critical issues.

“Canada’s Conservatives asked 74 questions in Question Period, requested emergency debates on the economy, secured additional scrutiny on government spending that’s driving up inflation, called for economic leadership in statements in the House of Commons, and brought forward more than 100 detailed questions on the Order Paper to hold the Liberals to account on their economic failures.

“Canadians can count on Conservatives to hold the Liberals to account for their failed management of our economy.”