OTTAWA, ON – Today, Conservative Deputy Justice Critic Michael Cooper issued the following statement on the British Columbia Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn compulsory two year minimum sentences for certain drug-trafficking convictions: “We are disappointed with the Court of Appeal’s decision to strike down criminal laws enacted by a democratically elected and accountable Parliament. That is why we call on the Prime Minister and his Justice Minister to step out of the sidelines, stand up for victims and against drug dealers who sell to kids, by appealing this ruling. “Canadians are concerned about crime, which is why our previous Conservative government introduced and passed over thirty measures aimed at strengthening our justice system. These measures included the laws that were most recently struck down, which ensured compulsory two-year sentences for drug trafficking convictions that involve youth or that occur in a place frequented by youth. We also specifically targeted gangs and other criminal organizations by introducing tougher sentences for drug traffickers who exploit the addictions of others for personal profit. “Conservatives make no apologies for strengthening penalties for drug trafficking or other crimes. The Liberal Government must ensure that their response to these rulings reflects Canadians’ desire to get tough on drugs on our streets.”