Ottawa – ‎Official Opposition Health Critic, Dr. Colin Carrie issued the following statement in response to the review of Minister Philpott’s expenses being conducted by her office: “After getting caught two weeks ago, Minister Philpott agreed to reimbure taxpayers for the astronomical limo expenses that she claimed. Conservatives join with Canadians in demanding proof of the Minister’s repayment. “But the Minister has only agreed to repay a portion of those expenses, stating that she has directed her office ‘… to review all expenses to date to ensure they are not just appropriate as determined by government directives, but also would be viewed as reasonable from the perspective of the Canadian taxpayer.’ But it’s a little a little rich that the very Minister and staffers who displayed a clear lack of judgment in the first place now get to decide what is reasonable and respectful of the Canadian taxpayer.” “This dilemma is less about numbers and more about ethics. When you spend three times the going rate for a limo driven by a known Liberal activist that is an egregious ethical violation and a slap in the face to the taxpayer.”