OTTAWA – The Official Opposition today called upon the Government of Canada to stand with our energy sector partners and send a clear message to Washington that pipelines, like Keystone XL, are in our national economic interest. “It is highly disappointing that as oil prices drop and workers in our energy sector need our support, the Liberal Government could not muster a comment yesterday on TransCanada’s plan to launch a North American Free Trade Agreement claim regarding Keystone XL’s permit denial,” said Foreign Affairs Critic Tony Clement. “Our previous Conservative government aggressively made the case to Washington at every opportunity on the merits of Keystone XL. Given current economic indicators, and the massive loss of jobs and investment in the energy sector, the Conservative caucus strongly encourages the Government of Canada to break its silence and speak out in full support of Keystone. We also continue to stand in full support of our energy sector workers and the need to further foster the development of this vital sector of our economy.” Conservative Natural Resources Critic Candice Bergen said, “The rejection of Keystone XL was not based on evidence, as the US State Department acknowledged. The project could be developed in an environmentally sustainable manner. Given that the project would not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian Government has a duty to support TransCanada’s challenge through NAFTA.” International Trade Critic Gerry Ritz said, “The Prime Minister will have the perfect opportunity to raise this issue at the upcoming state dinner in Washington. The Canadian economy and jobs in our energy sector are more important than selfies with him and the President. I hope he makes the mature choice.”