Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Erin O’Toole, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Dean Allison, Shadow Minister for International Trade, today called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold an emergency meeting with President Donald Trump and ensure that tariffs are removed from Canadian steel and aluminum products.

“Justin Trudeau failed to ensure that steel and aluminum tariffs were removed prior to concluding NAFTA negotiation talks. Unfortunately, we are now in a situation where businesses across Canada have been forced to cut orders, reduce shifts, and lay off workers.

“Time and time again, this Prime Minister has failed to stand up for Canadian workers. Coupled with overspending and higher taxes, Canada is poorly equipped to respond to global uncertainty and a turbulent investment climate.

“Instead of addressing delays with the Duty Relief Program, the recent fiscal update proved that the tariffs collected have flowed into general revenue instead of being given back to businesses and workers who have been hit.

“Securing the immediate removal of steel and aluminum tariffs should be Justin Trudeau’s top priority while in Argentina for the G20 Summit. It is long past time that the Prime Minister stand up for Canadian workers and businesses.”


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