Ottawa, ON — Kevin Waugh, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon—Grasswood, and Chair of the Conservative Saskatchewan Regional Caucus, issued the following statement on today’s Conservative Opposition Day Motion to amend section 24 of the Saskatchewan Act:

“Conservatives will always respect the jurisdiction of our provinces and their right to amend their respective constitutions.

“Two months ago, the Liberal government stood against Saskatchewan and blocked our motion to remove a longstanding technicality in the constitution that gave a big profitable company a permanent exemption from paying tax to the province of Saskatchewan.

“Today’s Opposition Day Motion asks the government to commit to eliminating this massive tax exemption for CP Rail once and for all. This would ensure tax fairness and respect the will of the Saskatchewan Legislature, which unanimously supported a motion to remove this outdated and unfair exemption from their constitution.

“We call on the Liberal government to support today’s Opposition Day Motion and start towards removing this more than 100-year-old unfair tax exemption.”