Today, the Hon. Michelle Rempel, Conservative Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, called on the government to implement all of the recommendations contained in the United Nations’ June 2016 report concerning the atrocities committed against the Yazidi people. August 3rd marks the three year anniversary since the beginning of ISIS’s genocide against the Yazidi people on Mount Sinjar. MP Rempel issued the following statement: “It has been three years since ISIS’ horrific acts of genocide against the Yazidi people began. While the House of Commons voted unanimously in October 2016 to fully implement the recommendations, the Liberal government has thus far failed to take action. The United Nations’ recommendations include an obligation to ensure that genocide be referred to the International Criminal Court, so that Yazidi survivors can finally seek justice. “Canada currently chairs the UNHCR’s Executive Committee and under our previous Conservative government played a significant role in the fight against ISIS. There’s no reason why we cannot play a prominent leadership role in post-ISIS Iraq. Canada must ensure that the rights of minority communities, like Yazidi survivors, are upheld in the rebuilding process. “The government can also do more to help Yazidis living in Canada. The Liberals must ensure that all Yazidi asylum claimants in Canada are receiving adequate support. This is particularly important for Yazidi women and girls who have survived sexual enslavement at the hands of the so-called Islamic State. Additionally, most recent government figures show that while the Liberals have brought tens of thousands of refugees to Canada since 2015, only 450 have been Yazidi genocide survivors. “Prime Minister Trudeau claimed that it was simply a matter of political will to implement his Syrian refugee initiative. Conservatives call on him to use that same political will to properly support the Yazidi people as they seek justice in the aftermath of the genocide.”