OTTAWA – Randy Hoback, Shadow Minister for International Trade, Leona Alleslev, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Colin Carrie, Shadow Minister for Canada-U.S. Relations, and Richard Martel, Member of Parliament for Chicoutimi—Le Fjord, released the following statement today regarding the aluminum tariffs the United States plans to impose on Canada:

“Justin Trudeau has once again let down Canada’s aluminum workers. The US administration has been foreshadowing new tariffs on Canadian aluminum for weeks, so why didn’t the Trudeau government take action to protect Canadian workers?

“The Trudeau government must immediately retaliate and send a clear message to the U.S. that we will not restrict our exports.

“Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has put Canada in a weaker position to combat these tariffs, after the concessions they made during the last round of American trade action. Canada can only retaliate on like products, putting our country at a strategic disadvantage.

“Conservatives do not have confidence in this Liberal government’s ability to defend our aluminum industry. Not only did the Trudeau Liberals fail to negotiate the same favourable rules of origin for aluminum, as they did for steel in the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, they have failed to follow through on their promise to send all of the money collected from the previous US tariffs back to the Canadian industry.

“The aluminum sector is vital to the Canadian economy. It’s essential that this industry thrive, especially during COVID-19. Conservatives will continue to fight for Canada’s aluminum industry and the thousands of workers it employs.”