OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Randy Hoback, Shadow Minister for International Trade, issued the following statement on the new NAFTA deal:

“Yesterday, the Official Opposition received a briefing on the new NAFTA deal signed by the Trudeau government on behalf of Canada.

“While US representatives and the NAFTA advisory council were briefed as the deal was being finalized, the government did not afford opposition parties the same courtesy. The Liberals do not yet seem to recognize the realities of the new minority parliament and are mistaken if they believe that we will simply rubber stamp the deal.

“During yesterday’s briefing, Conservatives sought specific clarifications regarding the impact of the new deal on key Canadian sectors, including aluminum, auto and agriculture, which the Liberal government was unable to provide at that time. A formal request for information has been made and we expect the government to provide it. 

“Canada’s Conservatives are the party of free trade and we want to support market access and business certainty while also preforming our democratic duty to review this deal and its impact carefully.”


For more information:

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Office of Randy Hoback, MP
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