Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued this statement commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):

“Conservatives join all Canadians in celebrating 70 years since the establishment of NATO. Together with our allies we have formed the cornerstone of western democratic security and stability, guaranteeing the collective defence of 29 nations under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

“Canada has been a committed NATO member since 1949, standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies in Europe and the United States to oppose tyranny and protect democracy around the world. From the Cold War to Kosovo, Bosnia, Libya and today in Latvia, Canada continues to participate and lead in the complex security challenges facing NATO.

“Conservatives strongly condemn the hybrid war that Russia is waging against our Baltic NATO allies and in Ukraine, in an effort to undermine the freedoms, liberties, and democratic values of our friends and allies. Under President Putin, increasingly hostile interventions by Russia in the Black Sea Region and Baltic states poses a threat to the peace and security NATO is dedicated to preserving.

“Canada must do more to modernize our military, address the rapidly changing threats around the world, and strengthen our reputation as a reliable international partner of NATO.”


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