Kelowna, BC – Tracy Gray, Conservative Shadow Minister for Export Promotion and International Trade, today issued the following statement regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Canada and the United Kingdom and the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Remission Order, 2021:
“While we are pleased to see Canada reach an agreement with the United Kingdom to prevent disruptions in the flow of goods and services between our two countries, the Liberal government has kept businesses in the dark until the last moment. With just days until the new year, businesses and importers are now faced with the onerous task of ensuring they are in compliance with the terms set out in the remission order or face trade disruptions during the period the MOU is in effect.
“Canadians cannot forget that this eleventh hour measure is only now in place because the Liberals have mismanaged this trade relationship from the beginning. They pulled Canada out of negotiations with the UK in March 2019, only to return to the table months before the CETA was set to expire, they failed to consult with businesses and workers during these trade negotiations, and despite announcing the trade continuity agreement in November, the Liberal government failed to pass enacting legislation, introducing Bill C-18 just days before Parliament was set to rise.
“Conservatives expect the government to make Bill C-18 a priority for study in the new year. The MOU cannot be used as an excuse to put this important trade relationship on the backburner.
“Conservatives also call on the Trudeau government to:

  • Immediately make the text of the MOU available, as well as communicate the changes clearly within their own departments, such as the Canada Border Services Agency and Trade Commissioner Services, to ensure no miscommunications arise on January 1st. Canadian businesses deserve clear and accurate information when it comes to trade with the United Kingdom; and
  • Disclose additional costs which may arise for both Canadian businesses and taxpayers as a result of this MOU and the Liberals’ failure to get a trade agreement in place for January 1st, 2021.

“Canada is a trading nation, and Canadians expect the Liberal government to take our trade relationship with the United Kingdom seriously. Conservatives will ensure that Canadians have certainty when it comes to our trading relationships and will ensure that Canada gets a good trade deal with the UK when negotiations on a modern successor trade agreement with the UK begin.”


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