Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Erin O’Toole, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Dean Allison, Shadow Minister for International Trade, issued a statement today on the one-year anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s tour of steel factories during which he promised workers that they didn’t need to worry about steel and aluminum tariffs:

“One year ago, Justin Trudeau was on a self-congratulatory tour telling Canadians “let’s not get ahead of ourselves” at the possibility of tariffs on steel and aluminum products claiming “we’re fine.” Weeks later, the United States imposed tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum products.

“Today, Canadians are still paying for Justin Trudeau’s mistakes. The devastating impacts of these tariffs have forced businesses to cut orders, reduce shifts, and in some cases lay off workers. The Liberal government is in chaos and the Prime Minister is consumed with scandal. Meanwhile Canadians are left waiting for a real plan to end these crippling tariffs.

“When Justin Trudeau signed a new trade deal with the United States he failed to negotiate an exemption for Canadian steel and aluminum from US tariffs. Other countries like China, Japan, and Australia have all managed to get various forms of tariff relief for their products. Trudeau’s failure to get tariffs removed continues to harm Canadian workers and the competitiveness of our economy.

“Local businesses are struggling to stay afloat, and the Liberals have failed to provide real support. The Trudeau government will collect around $2 billion in tariffs, but very little of it has gone to support workers employed by small to medium sized businesses. The recent announcement of $100 million in grants is only for projects that allow steel and aluminum plants to expand operations, develop new technologies or diversify markets. This is an insufficient band-aid solution meant to distract from Justin Trudeau’s failure to get the tariffs removed.

“Canadians deserve and expect their government to stand up for workers, their families, and the businesses that support our communities. Instead, what we have is a Prime Minister who refuses to take responsibility for leading and governing when there are actually thousands of manufacturing jobs at risk.”


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