Canada’s Conservatives continue to set the benchmark in political fundraising, again setting new fundraising records in 2018 and putting the party on strong footing heading into the 2019 federal election.

Next week the Conservatives will submit their Q4 fundraising report to Elections Canada, and today Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced those preliminary results.

The Conservative Party raised over $7.3 million in Q4 – a record Q4 even including election years.

This brings the Conservative total to over $24 million for the year – its best non-election year ever, and second best overall even including election years.

“We’ve never raised more in a non-election year in the history of our party. In fact, not one of the other political parties has raised this much in a year ever,” Scheer said. “We enter 2019 strong, focused, and united on giving Canadians the opportunity to elect a new government that will help them not just get by, but also get ahead.”

The Conservatives also saw a record number of donors with over 49,000 Canadians donating an average of $148 for the year to help put the party in its best possible position heading towards the October election.

“When Canadians donate to our cause, they’re investing in us to deliver on our positive Conservative vision,” said Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives. “When our fundraising does well, it means our message is resonating, and I can tell you these numbers reflect what I am hearing from coast to coast. Canadians want a new government that will make life more affordable, not less.”

Top four Q4 results:

**2018 – $7,343,817** *

2005 – $7,042,441

2014 – $6,634,717

2008 – $6,343,349

Top four non-election Q4s for donors:

**2018 – 49,310** *

2014 – 47,133

2007 – 44,324

2010 – 41,769

Top four yearly results (_signifies an election year_):

_2015 – $29,027,274_

**2018 – $24,251,249** *

_2011 – $22,737,966_

_2008 – $21,179,483_

*Subject to minor change once final report is completed