Ottawa, ON – Today, the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) released comprehensive rules to govern the contest to elect the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“The public release of these rules reflects our commitment to running an open, fair and transparent race,” said Ian Brodie, Chair of the LEOC.  “Moreover, the financial rules for this race ensure it will be run on a break-even basis, in a way that does not impair our Party’s financial readiness for the next general election.”

The LEOC will start accepting official nominations from candidates for the leadership. Candidate nominations will be reviewed by the Leadership Candidate Nominating Committee of the LEOC.

“We look forward to welcoming several highly-qualified candidates contesting this race,” said Rob Batherson, President of the Party’s National Council. “I know our members expect candidates to treat each other and the Party itself with respect while setting out their positive ideas about our country’s future.”

The 2022 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Election rules can be found here.