Vancouver – During the first meeting of the newly elected National Council, councillors elected Scott Lamb to serve as President of the Conservative Party of Canada’s National Council. Lamb, elected to National Council by 2016 Conservative Convention delegates from British Columbia, most recently served as the chair of the 2016 Conservative Convention in Vancouver. Conservative Party interim leader, Rona Ambrose, welcomed Lamb to his new role. “As the recent chair of our successful convention here in Vancouver, it is fitting Scott’s National Council colleagues have elevated him to this important position within the Conservative Party,” said Ambrose. “Scott is a strong leader who will bring his natural energy and enthusiasm to the role while representing our membership across the country”. Lamb stated he looked forward to serving and thanked his fellow councillors for selecting him. “I’m honoured to have been elected by our members to National Council, and thank my peers for their support to serve in the important role of President,” said Lamb. “Over this National Council’s term, the work we do collectively as a group will contribute greatly to the future of our party, and I congratulate all the National Councillors on their hard-work in each of their elections.” Lamb is the third President in the history of the modern day Conservative Party of Canada.