The Conservative Party announced Stephanie Kusie will be the moderator for the fourth official Party leadership debate scheduled on February 28th in Edmonton, Alberta. Also announced were the debate themes, and the final leadership debate location. Kusie was elected by Conservative members in Calgary Midnapore as their candidate in the upcoming by-election. She was born and raised in the riding, and has significant experience in business, government and the non-profit sector. As a former diplomat for the federal government, she worked on the Keystone pipeline project in the United States, and helped negotiate free trade deals. She has an MBA from Rutgers University and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. “The chance to moderate the fourth official Leadership Debate is one I’m looking forward to,” Kusie said. “This gives all 14 of our candidates a great opportunity to showcase themselves to Party members and interested Canadians on why they should be the next Conservative leader, and eventually the next Prime Minister of Canada.” Daniel Nowlan, Chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee added, “As we get down to the final few months of this leadership campaign, the importance of these forums for our members is crucial for helping inform their choice come May 27, and we’re fortunate to have someone of Ms. Kusie’s experience and talent available to moderate this debate for us.” The debate themes for the Edmonton event will include Crime and Safety and the Conservative Party of Canada, its membership, its governance and its future. These topics will be in addition to ones sent in from Conservative members and supporters from across Canada. Also announced was the final debate host city. Toronto, Ontario will hold the fifth and final leadership debate. Further details on this, including date and venue, will be released later. All debates will be streamed live online for Conservative members and all Canadians to see. There are five party sanctioned debates total that all official leadership candidates are expected to attend and all debates will be open for Party members to attend. The Conservative Party Leadership election will be on May 27th, 2017, and only current members of the Conservative Party of Canada will be eligible to vote. To ensure eligibility, members and those interested in becoming members are encouraged to call membership services at 1-866-808-8407 or visit The rules for the Conservative Party’s leadership election can be found online, [here](