Ottawa, ON — Today, Kyle Seeback, Member of Parliament for Dufferin—Caledon introduced Bill C-242 entitled, An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (temporary resident visas for parents and grandparents).

Conservatives recognize the importance of family, and the challenges families face when applying to make long term visits to Canadians and permanent residents from abroad. Bill C-242 addresses some of these challenges by simplifying and extending the temporary residency program for the parents and grandchildren of Canadians and permanent residents.

This new legislation will help by making visa requirements around health care insurance simpler and more accessible. It will also more than double the length of temporary residency to five years for the parents and grandparents of Canadians and permanent residents.

Bill C-242 will also require the government to reduce the minimum income requirement that a child or grandchild of a foreign national must meet in order to qualify for an extended visit.

“This compassionate legislation is a common-sense change that will unite more Canadians and residents with their parents and grandparents,” said Seeback. “Conservatives will always stand with families. Bill C-242 will help unite many Canadians and residents with their loved ones from abroad.”