Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement calling on Justin Trudeau to fire his Chief of Staff Katie Telford: 
“Three months ago Canadians were shocked to learn of allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Chief of Defence Staff and the cover-up that followed. Since then, there has been no accountability for the lack of action from this Liberal government.
“If the Prime Minister is telling the truth, and he wants Canadians to believe that he had no knowledge of the evidence of sexual misconduct against General Vance, he will fire his chief of staff.
“Katie Telford not only failed to inform the Prime Minister about a serious sexual misconduct allegation, she went on to orchestrate a cover-up to hide the truth from Canadians.
“If the Prime Minister doesn’t fire Katie Telford, it will be an admission that he has been lying about his knowledge of the sexual misconduct allegation against General Vance, and that he has been complicit in this cover-up.
“Canada’s Conservatives have tabled a motion in the House to ensure the lack of accountability on this important matter is dealt with – we are calling for the Prime Minister to take action and fire his chief of staff. It is time for Justin Trudeau to stop hiding the truth from Canadians and take responsibility for the actions within his own office.”