Conservatives Announce Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet and Critics

November 20, 2015

Conservative Shadow Cabinet and Critics: Shadow Cabinet Member Portfolio Hon. Rona Ambrose (Sturgeon River–Parkland) Leader of the Official Opposition and Status of Women Hon. Denis Lebel (Lac-Saint-Jean) Deputy Leader and Intergovernmental Affairs Ziad Aboultaif (Edmonton Manning) National Revenue Scott Armstrong Atlantic Issues and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Hon. Candice Bergen (Portage–Lisgar) Natural Resources Hon. […]

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Harper Presents His Record In The Quebec City Area And His Plan To Continue To Protect The Economy

October 16, 2015

Common Values and Shared Priorities Since 2006, our Conservative government has maintained a strong collaborative relationship and has shown great respect in its dealings with Quebec by practicing open federalism. We are the only party whose actions respect the jurisdictions and the spirit of the Constitution, in addition to the founding principles of the Confederation. […]

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Harper Releases Low-Tax, Balanced-Budget Plan To Protect Canada’s Economy

October 9, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE ISSUE Our Conservative Government’s low-tax, balanced budget plan has helped steer Canada through a period of sustained global economic instability and turmoil. Canada has fared relatively well since the global economic recession.  We’ve led the G-7 in economic growth and job creation.  In fact, the Canadian economy has created 1.3 million net new […]

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Conservatives Announce New Maternity And Parental Leave Benefits

October 7, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN The birth of a new baby is an exciting time for all involved, especially moms and dads. It’s also a period of tremendous change for parents as they adjust their work and home lives to the new responsibilities of parenthood. Our Conservative Government wants to support parents during this critically important period. […]

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Prime Minister Harper Announces Plan To Support Auto Jobs In Canada

October 6, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN Under the proven leadership of Prime Minister Harper, Canadian manufacturers came through the global recession and now benefit from unprecedented global trade opportunities, incentives for new investment in facilities, modern infrastructure, a skilled workforce and one of the most advantageous business tax environments in the world. In our most recent budget, Economic […]

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Harper Announces Successful Conclusion Of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

October 5, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN Today, 28 years after Canada concluded our first-ever free-trade agreement with the United States, Canada and 11 other founding nations concluded the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a 12-nation market of nearly 800 million customers and is the largest free-trade agreement in history. A re-elected Conservative Government will ratify and […]

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Conservatives Announce New Measures To Support Coastal And Marine Safety In British Columbia

October 5, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN Building on its record, a re-elected Conservative Government will take three concrete, practical steps to protect British Columbia’s West Coast. Derelict Boats Derelict boats that have been abandoned by their owners pose a serious challenge to Canada’s coastal communities. Currently, such vessels are removed by the Coast Guard or Ministry of Transportation […]

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Harper announces renewed funding for ground-breaking neurological reaserch

October 3, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN A re-elected Conservative Government will build on our support for Canadian research excellence and Canadian families affected by brain disease, by renewing Brain Canada funding when it expires in 2017. A Conservative government will provide Brain Canada with an additional $100 million over seven years. THE ISSUE Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, disorders […]

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The Hon. Chris Alexander and the Hon. Kellie Leitch Announce Measures to Stop Barbaric Cultural Practices Against Women and Girls

October 2, 2015

BACKGROUNDER THE PLAN A re-elected Conservative Government will remain committed to ending barbaric cultural practices overseas and in Canada through a multifaceted commitment: We will establish a new targeted program to prevent child and forced marriage in the world’s conflict zones, particularly among refugee girls who have been displaced by war and who are at […]

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The Hon. Stockwell Day And Blair Lockhart Announce Action To Prevent Impaired Driving

October 1, 2015

BACKGROUNDER The Plan Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government has consistently put the rights of victims over the rights of criminals. A re-elected Conservative Government will build on this record by passing the Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act within the first 100 days of a new Parliament. This legislation will impose harsher penalties for impaired driving while […]

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