Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Mike Lake, Conservative Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Addictions, and Suicide Prevention released a statement following the completion of the consultation phase for a national 3-digit suicide prevention hotline:

“Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) completed consultations for a national 3-digit suicide prevention hotline. Canadians struggling with thoughts of suicide are one step closer to having this simplified and crucial tool to access help when it is most needed.

“The motion to create this hotline was introduced by Conservative Member of Parliament Todd Doherty in December of 2020 and received unanimous support in the House of Commons. This initiative brought parliamentarians together, united in the desire to urgently address the tragic fact that more than 4,000 Canadians succumb to suicide every year.

“With consultations complete, the Liberal government is tasked with reviewing the results and implementing this hotline for all Canadians. We are calling on the Trudeau government to publicly commit to a timeline and ensure every possible resource under its direction is made available to guarantee a national 3-digit suicide prevention hotline is implemented without further delay.

“Because everyday matters, the Liberal government must make this a top priority. The only obstacle to implementing this hotline now would be a lack of effort and will on the part of Justin Trudeau’s government.

“We will continue to offer our support in this important task. Canada’s Conservatives will remain a steadfast voice for Canadians struggling with their mental health, and we will hold the Trudeau government to account to ensure even more Canadians struggling with thoughts of suicide are not left behind due to inaction.”