OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Candice Bergen, House Leader for Canada’s Offical Opposition, today announced that Canada’s Conservatives have submitted over 200 Order Paper Questions. Conservative Members of Parliament from every region of the country submitted questions to force Justin Trudeau’s government to answer for their unethical scandals and mismanagement of taxpayer’s dollars.
“Canadians sent our Conservative team to Ottawa with a strong mandate to hold this government to account,” said MP Bergen. “These questions are a prime example of how our Conservative team is living up to that mandate.”
The Trudeau government will have 45 days to respond to the Order Paper Questions that Conservatives submitted. This will force the Liberals to be more transparent about a range of topics including their many scandals, deficit spending and matters pertinent to local constituencies.
“Canada’s Conservatives, under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, will continue to fight for all Canadians and will not allow the Trudeau Liberals to hide from scrutiny,” said MP Bergen. “We will continue to put pressure on this government until they answer the key questions that Canadians have been asking.”


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