OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Industry and Economic Development, issued the following statement on the Privacy Commissioner’s alarming report on Canadian privacy:
“Every day, Canadians create a digital footprint. It is theirs to own. However, every Google search, like of an Instagram post, or online purchase that someone makes is personal information that is making companies, like Facebook and Google, very rich without acknowledging the value of this data to the individual creating it, or their right to consent to how it is used.
“Today’s Privacy Commissioner’s report underscored the Liberal government’s lack of action to protect the value of data and the privacy of Canadians. In his press conference, he stated that nearly every Canadian’s data has been the subject of a privacy breach at some point. He went as far as to use the following quote, that many are, ‘having their own information weaponized against them with military efficiency.’
“The report highlighted the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal as a key example of just how vulnerable Canadians are as a result of Liberal inaction. The Commissioner found that Facebook has been selling users’ private information without proper consent, and that data was then used for political purposes by groups like Cambridge Analytica and the Liberals have not taken appropriate measures to prevent this from happening again.
“But this isn’t just about Facebook. The Privacy Commissioner found that Statistics Canada, a government agency, had been collecting the credit histories of Canadians and was also planning on a mass collection of line-by-line financial transaction information from banks without the knowledge or consent of affected individuals.
“The Liberals have been slow and out of touch in responding to this issue which is at the heart of our changing economy. Canada needs laws that give individuals the power to ensure the data they create gives them value, and that their right to consent to how it is used is treated as a human right, while at the same time creating a vibrant market for tech innovation. The wrong answers are to allow big tech, or the government, to inefficiently, ineffectively, or self-interestedly regulate this space. The right answer involves a Conservative approach – creating a free market solution that empowers citizens to protect their data and privacy, and derive the value they place on it, from it.
“This minority parliament is a perfect time to push the Liberals beyond their ‘ok, boomer’ approach to data. Canada’s Conservatives look forward to forcing the Liberals to act in the best interest of Canadians, instead of big tech lobbyists.”


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