Ottawa, ON – Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, released a statement on Canada’s Food Price Report:

“JustinFlation is coming to a grocery store near you. Families will pay an extra $1000 to feed themselves in 2022 as food price inflation balloons.

“Inflation is hurting Canadians, as 80 per cent say the cost-of-living crisis is making their lives less affordable. 60 per cent of families with kids under 18 are concerned they might not have enough money to feed their family. Today’s report only makes the situation worse.

“Trudeau’s inflation tax is eating into the paychecks of middle-class Canadians while the Trudeau Liberals plan to spend even more, pouring inflationary gas on the fire. The cost of government is ballooning the cost of living. More dollars chasing fewer goods means higher prices for Canadians.


“It’s clear that Conservatives are the only party focused on getting costs down, fighting the rising cost of food in Canada and ending Trudeau’s inflation tax.”