Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Energy, issued the following statement on addressing climate change while supporting Canadian energy workers:

“Canada must take strong action to address climate change and protect our environment. We must also simultaneously address a crisis of rising costs, a crisis of national unity, and a crisis of waning hope of economic inclusion for many Canadians – particularly young people.

“Canada has the capacity to do all these things. However, the Trudeau government has made many promises on these issues, but have failed to deliver. Right now, many Canadians are fueling their cars with high carbon oil from places like Saudi Arabia who have some of the worst carbon emission policies in the world. Yet, Liberals have not put any emissions cap on the importation of that high emitting fuel.

“We need policies that incent the development of low carbon consumer alternatives, like public transit, and ensure that they are affordable. This will help Canadians lower their carbon footprints, as opposed to simply costing them more when alternatives are not available.

“That’s why Canada’s Conservatives are calling on the federal Liberal government to develop a plan that includes the following:

  • Building public transit infrastructure and creating incentives that would develop viable, affordable alternatives to high carbon-emitting consumer goods and practices.
  • Realizing a multi-sector approach is needed. If we are going to regulate one sector, it must be done across the board.
  • Ensuring that there is hope for affordable living for Canada’s youth, and addressing reconciliation.
  • Respecting provincial jurisdiction.
  • Presenting a clear plan for Canadian workers who are unemployed due to this government’s failure to address climate change while offshoring our jobs.
  • Obtaining a clear guarantee from President Biden that his administration will support the continuation of the Line 5 pipeline.
  • Aligning our carbon capture incentives with the U.S. to ensure our innovators aren’t left behind.

“Canada’s Conservatives will be fighting for action on this that both addresses climate change and secures the future for workers.”