OTTAWA, ON – Big questions remain about the fiscal responsibility and scope of Liberal infrastructure spending promises, according to Official Opposition Infrastructure Critic Dianne Watts. She was responding to the Minister of Infrastructure’s outline of the Liberal government’s 10 year plan for infrastructure spending. “It’s important to invest in our communities, but it’s also important to do this responsibly and with a clear cut plan. This means having a plan that shows exactly where the money is coming from, what benchmarks are used for measuring how much economic growth is created, and ultimately ensuring that Canadians are getting the most value out of their tax dollars,” said Watts. “Any plan to invest and create growth cannot be achieved without responsible deficit management. So far I haven’t seen a plan from the Liberal government that shows how big their deficit is going to be, what benchmarks they will use to measure if these investments are actually contributing to growing the economy, and what programs will be cut or what taxes will be raised in order to pay for it all. Until those details are clearly presented and outlined, I will