James Bezan, Official Opposition Critic to National Defence and Peter Kent, Offical Opposition Critic to foreign affairs issued the following statement regarding the transfer of the remaining refugees from Camp Liberty: “We are pleased to hear about the final transfer of refugees from Camp Liberty to Albania. Camp Liberty is located in Iraq and its residents were previously transferred from Camp Ashraf were they continually came under attack from both Iraqi and Iranian forces. “This week’s news brings an end to a long journey and campaign to ensure that the members of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran or MEK were treated with dignity, respect, and had their basic human rights protected. It is our hope that these individuals will be able to live long and fulfilling lives without the fear of reprisal by the dictatorial regime of Iran. “Members of the Iranian opposition played a central role in producing a positive solution for the residents of ‎Camp Liberty. Those struggling to bring change, democracy, and human rights to Iran were able to draw international attention to the persecution faced by the residents of Camp Liberty and were able to build a coalition of nations, including Canada, who supported their efforts. “The previous Conservative government took bold and principled positions on Iran. We severed all diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, closing Canada’s embassy in Tehran and expelling Iranian diplomats from Ottawa for their non-compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear program and Iran’s regional policies. We designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. Canada stands in solidarity with all those opposed to the brutal leadership in Iran. “With this in mind, there is a significant amount of work to be done. Human rights around the world are abused on a daily basis by corrupt officials of tyrannical regimes. Canada must, and can do more to put pressure on these governments to respect the rule of law and freedoms of their citizens.”