Ottawa, ON – Justin Trudeau’s admission that he will break his promise of keeping deficits at $10-billion a year is evidence of a “Liberal spending problem”, said Official Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose. “Within the first 100 days of his mandate, Justin Trudeau has broken his promise to spend taxpayer dollars responsibly,” said Ambrose. “After inheriting a surplus, Justin Trudeau’s massive new deficits are solely the result of out-of-control Liberal spending. Unfortunately, it is today’s Canadian families – and generations to come – who will pay the price for Liberal mismanagement.” During the election the Liberals claimed that they would run a deficit of $10 billion annually. However, Mr. Trudeau has now admitted it is “very likely” that the deficit for his upcoming budget will exceed $10 billion. A National Bank of Canada report released yesterday says that the Liberal government is on pace to accumulate $90 billion in debt due to Mr. Trudeau’s spending promises. “Canadians can always count on the Conservative Party to be the voice of taxpayers,” said Ambrose. “Canadian families are worried about their jobs and financial security, and now is not the time for out of control spending that will lead to waste and higher taxes. Conservatives will stand against taking Canada down that path.”