ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA — Conservative Deputy Justice Critic, Michael Cooper, today questioned why a prominent Toronto law firm is hosting a private fundraiser for Canada’s Attorney General. Mr. Cooper is also questioning why the Liberal Party is using the Attorney General’s ministerial responsibilities to solicit donations from targeted members in the legal community. Mr. Cooper has written a letter to the Ethics Commissioner outlining his concerns. In reaction to growing criticism, the Liberal Party of Canada has refused to cancel the event and apologize to Canadians. “Most Canadians would consider this an ethical breach,” said Cooper. “When the Attorney General has a fundraiser for the Liberal Party at one of the top law firms in Canada, it blurs the lines between what is Liberal Party business and what is Government business.” This is not the first time the Attorney General’s ethical conduct has been questioned. The Conservative Party has also raised concerns about the Justice Minister’s connections to lobbying insiders and her connections to major energy projects in British Columbia. “By attending this fundraiser and soliciting donation from the legal community, the Attorney General is failing to avoid a conflict of interest. I trust that the Ethics Commissioner will give these concerns thoughtful consideration and take action to ensure that the Attorney General avoids further conflicts of interest.” [A copy of Cooper’s letter is attached.](