The Hon. Andrew Scheer, the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues statement on the Anniversary of the Massacre of Mount Sinjar AUGUST 3, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues the following statement on the Anniversary of the Massacre of Mount Sinjar: “This week marks the fourth anniversary of the genocidal killing and kidnapping of thousands of Yazidi women and men in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. “In a brutal attempt to destroy the Yazidi population and their culture, ISIS terrorists killed over 5,000 people, abducted and enslaved 7,000 women and girls, and displaced another 300,000 civilians. Sadly, ISIS continues to endanger the lives of religious minorities living in Iraq, Syria, and all around the world. “The Sinjar massacre also served as a major turning point in the fight against ISIS. The previous Conservative government responded forcefully by committing the Royal Canadian Air Force to launch retaliatory air strikes on ISIS-controlled territory. Additionally, we deployed Canadian Special Forces operatives to train and assist Iraqi Security Forces on the ground. “The explicit goal of ISIS is to create an Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, and all across the world. While the international coalition in its fight against ISIS has made discernable gains as of late, the work is still not complete. “Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis, Assyrians, Christians, and other religious minorities have been displaced. It is for those reasons the previous government prioritized persecuted religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities for Canada’s resettlement programs. “In October 2016, a Conservative motion was unanimously passed in the House of Commons that recognized the violence perpetrated by ISIS against the Yazidis constitutes genocide. “Unfortunately, the glim reality is that ISIS will continue to recruit foreign fighters and engage in global acts of terror for the foreseeable future. The Western world can no longer afford to let ISIS inspire further attacks in our cities and our homes. It is the duty of the current government to do all it can in order to stand up against extremism and intolerance against visible minorities. “The Sinjar massacre should act as a constant reminder that Canada can – and should – do more in fighting terrorism and in protecting the vulnerable.” -30-