Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, announced today the [the new Conservative Shadow Ministers](List%20-%20Shadow%20Ministers%20%288-30-2017%29.pdf): “Our Shadow Ministers are united, energized, and diverse. We are going to arrive in Ottawa in the fall with one clear message to Canadians: That we are ready to form the next Government of Canada. “What Canadians will see are principled, hardworking and dedicated Conservative leaders. Our Shadow Ministers bring a wealth of experience from every walk of life, and ours is the only Party that understands the challenges Canadian families face every day under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “For nearly two years, Justin Trudeau’s policies have hurt the very people he claims to help. He is threatening jobs by raising taxes on local businesses and chasing away investment from Canada’s energy sector. He is forcing all those trying to come to Canada legally to wait longer as he fails to stop the illegal border crossings. He is leaving a legacy of debt to be repaid by future generations. In short, Trudeau’s naïve and reckless approach hurts those who want to build a more prosperous Canada. “The Conservative Shadow Ministers will be on the front lines, bringing forward the positive Conservative solutions to get Canada back on track. Ours is a movement that has room for every Canadian who believes in responsible government spending, strong borders, and a more affordable Canada for everyone.”