Andrew Scheer’s plan to combat gang crimes for safer communities

November 8, 2018


BRAMPTON, ON – The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, the Honourable Andrew Scheer, today unveiled the first of his three-part plan for A Safer Canada.

Called Cracking Down on Gangs, part one of Scheer’s plan contains five new policy measures to combat gang crimes and make Canadian communities safer.

“Gang violence is unfortunately becoming more and more common on our otherwise safe streets and Canadians are worried about their safety,” Scheer said. “Conservatives will put an end to the revolving door for gang members. A Conservative government will take action to make it easier for police to target gang members and put them where they belong: behind bars.”

More than half of firearms homicides are gang-related and Canadians are increasingly concerned by violent gang crime in our cities, but Justin Trudeau has failed to implement solutions to combat this growing problem.

“Justin Trudeau is softening penalties for gang crimes to as little as an administrative fine. This failure has real consequences for Canadians. It puts them at risk by letting violent gang members remain at large on our streets,” said Scheer.

The five proposals in Cracking Down on Gangs are:

  • Ending automatic bail for gang members
  • Identifying gangs in the Criminal Code
  • Revoking parole for gang members
  • Tougher sentences for ordering gang crime
  • New sentences for violent gang crime
“Canadians deserve to feel safe where they live,” Scheer said. “A Conservative government will deal swiftly and firmly with gang crime as part of our overall plan for a safer Canada.”

See attached backgrounder for full policy details.

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