Ottawa, ON – Todd Doherty, Member of Parliament for Cariboo-Prince George, BC and Conservative Deputy Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued the following statement regarding the implementation of a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline in the United States:

“Over 580 days ago, I passed a motion in Parliament calling on the federal government to immediately consolidate existing suicide prevention services into an easy-to-remember three-digit hotline, 9-8-8, that is accessible to all Canadians.

“Starting today, Americans struggling with their mental health or experiencing thoughts of suicide now have access to a three-digit national suicide prevention hotline.

“Despite receiving the support of grassroots and national mental health organizations, municipalities from across the country and the unanimous support of parliamentarians, this lifesaving initiative remains unavailable to Canadians and its status continues to be unknown.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have seen what government is able to accomplish when there is political will. Sadly, it has become abundantly clear that implementing this hotline and increasing access to mental health resources for Canadians is simply not a priority for this Liberal government.

“Conservatives will continue to call out this shameful lack of action and will not relent until a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline is implemented in Canada.”