Every day the Conservative Party of Canada is fighting to make your life more affordable. We stand to make Canada strong, united, independent, and free.

Let us know what that looks like for you.

Have Liberal tax hikes, deficit spending, and red-hot inflation had a negative impact on your cost-of-living?
What do you think the NDP-Liberal coalition will have the most negative impact on?
Under Justin Trudeau, much of Canada is now home to some of the least competitive tax jurisdictions in North America. What taxes or tax increases do you think have the biggest impact on this?
Do you think that the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates again because of Justin Trudeau?
Are you worried about Canada’s ability to pay back its debt if this occurs?
Are you worried about the Liberals internet censorship bill and its effect on free speech?
Do you think the carbon tax is making inflation and the cost-of-living crisis worse?
For the next election, let us know what you would like to see us focus on. Check all that apply.

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