Today marks 100 days until Election Day, and the Conservative Party will spend those highlighting the top failures of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

Every day until October 21st, a fail will be released to remind Canadians exactly how Justin Trudeau has not been as advertised over the last four years. will detail each misstep by the Trudeau government – the strings of scandal and corruption, the broken promises, the tax hikes, the irresponsible spending, and the international embarrassments.

Canadians will be able to follow the fails on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through the website.

To kick-off the 100 Days, 100 Fails campaign, we’ll highlight Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes on small business owners.

In 2017 Justin Trudeau hiked taxes on small business owners by 73% – and called them tax cheats to boot!

Small businesses are the backbone of our country, and so many Canadians are working hard to get ahead. When it comes to small businesses – and making life more affordable – Justin Trudeau certainly is not as advertised.

While Justin Trudeau may try to put his opposition at a disadvantage through this pre-writ period, Conservatives will not sit idly. We’ve nominated the most candidates, we’ve knocked the most doors, and we will make sure Canadians hear the truth about Justin Trudeau’s record over the last four years.

We encourage everyone to check tomorrow as we reveal the next of Justin Trudeau’s 100 fails.