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Economic Action Plan 2013: Our Responsible Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Long-term Prosperity

Our Government has a responsible plan to create jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

Since the depth of the global economic recession, the Canadian economy has created over 950,000 net new jobs – the best record among advanced economies.

While the Canadian economy continues to grow and create jobs, we still face significant threats from a fragile global economy.

In Economic Action Plan 2012, we made a choice. We chose to take decisive action to ensure our economy will create good jobs and sustain a higher quality of life for hardworking Canadian families.

Economic Action Plan 2013 builds on the strong foundation we laid last year – in fact, the strong foundation we have laid since 2006 – to create jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for hardworking Canadian families.

Economic Action Plan 2013 will create jobs and economic growth by taking action in three important areas:

Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs

We will connect Canadians with available jobs by:

  • Introducing the Canada Job Grant;
  • Creating opportunities for apprentices; and
  • Supporting job opportunities for all Canadians.

Introducing a new Building Canada Plan

We will build on our investments in infrastructure by introducing a new Building Canada Plan.  The new plan represents the largest investment in job creating infrastructure in the history ofCanada.  It has a number of important components, including:

  • The Community Improvement Fund – to support local community projects in cities and communities across Canada.
  • The BuildingCanadaFund – to support major economic projects that have a national, regional, and local significance.
  • The P3CanadaFund – to support innovative ways to build infrastructure projects faster and provide better value for taxpayers through public-private partnerships.

Supporting Canada’s Manufacturing Sector

We will support high-quality, value-added jobs in important sectors of the Canadian economy such as manufacturing by:

  • Providing tax relief for new manufacturing equipment.
  • Building equipment for the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada;
  • Providing support for Canada’s manufacturers as they compete and innovate in the 21st century global economy.

Economic Action Plan 2013 also outlines our low-tax plan to eliminate the deficit and balance the Budget in 2015.

We will eliminate the deficit by controlling government spending while significantly increasing investments in key priorities such as health care and education.

Economic Action Plan 2013 demonstrates to hardworking Canadian families that our Government is committed to their priorities: jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

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