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Supporting Middle Class Jobs

September 04, 2012

On Tuesday, Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, released updated figures showcasing the significant contributions the natural resources industry is making to the Canadian economy.

More than 600 resource development projects are underway or planned over the next ten years. This translates into almost $650 billion being invested into the Canadian economy, creating high-paying jobs that middle class Canadian families from coast-to-coast-to-coast can enjoy.

That’s why our Conservative Government supports the responsible development of Canada’s natural resources.  Ensuring that Canada’s natural resources industry remains strong and competitive supports jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for Canadian families.

Mr. Mulcair and the New Democratic Party would put these jobs at risk with their dangerous and risky economic plan.

Mr. Mulcair is putting a carbon tax at the centre of his platform. This tax would raise the price of gas, groceries and everything else, while endangering almost a million jobs and bringing Canada’s economy to a grinding halt.

Canadians deserve a Government that supports jobs and growth, not one that destroys it. That’s why our Conservative Government is focused on Canada’s long-term prosperity by supporting Canadian industries while keeping taxes low.

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