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Reckless NDP Spending Plans

November 13, 2012

With the Economic Action Plan the government has a plan to return Canada’s budget back to balance by controlling spending and finding savings.

This plan has consistently been opposed by the NDP who have demanded reckless spending that would take Canada off the course to a balanced budget.

The contrast can be seen in the NDP’s minority report from Finance Committee’s budget consultations for the last budget. (

The NDP presented a long list of new spending demands which would have cost as much as $56 billion over the next four years.

Proposals such as adopting a 45 day work year for EI ($4 billion a year) or greatly increasing Canada’s foreign aid spending ($2 billion) would require large tax hikes or losing all the progress that has been made in moving back to a budget balance.

As nations around the world struggle with out of control deficits and high unemployment Canada has stood out as an exception thanks to the decisions made in the Economic Action Plan. If we had followed the alternative course demanded by the NDP today we would be facing much higher deficits, higher taxes with less jobs and less economic growth.

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