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NDP Takes Credit for Conservative Government’s Tax-Saving Initiatives

May 07, 2013

Later this evening, many important measures from our plan for jobs, growth and long-term prosperity – Economic Action Plan 2013 – will be up for a vote in the House of Commons. Once again, we can expect the Liberals and NDP to vote against these key pro-growth economic measures.

But what can we expect from the opposition when these important measures are eventually passed and Canadians are reaping the benefits? For the answer, we only have to look to the recent actions of the former NDP leader.

The Member of Parliament for Hull—Aylmer, Nycole Turmel, distributed what she calls a “Fiscal Guide” to her constituents. In it, she listed many excellent measures that will help the people of Hull—Aylmer save hundreds of dollars on their tax return.

What Mrs. Turmel failed to mention was that most of these initiatives were delivered in the federal Budgets put forth by our Conservative Government under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In fact, the average Canadian family now saves $3,200 a year in taxes thanks to the 150 tax cuts brought forward by the Harper Government.

She also failed to mention that the NDP voted against or strongly criticized virtually all of these measures. You can see for yourself by visiting http://www.mulcairsndp.ca/.

Tonight, it will come as no surprise when the NDP opposes our important Budget measures. As we know by now, their agenda is one of higher spending and higher taxes.

They have a long list of reckless spending ideas – that they are refusing to cost – and they are on record promoting, among other new taxes and tax increases, a $21 billion carbon tax that would raise the price of gas, groceries and electricity.

Canadians can’t count on the NDP to support policies that will keep the economy growing while keeping life affordable. No wonder Mrs. Turmel wants to claim credit for the good work of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government.

Will the NDP continue their hypocritical ways? Or will they finally come clean to their constituents and admit they opposed the countless measures that are helping Canadians save, every day? Only time will tell.

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