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NDP Still Anti-Canadian Armed Forces

August 21, 2012

The NDP is holding kangaroo court meetings in Ottawa in a political attempt to try and fool Canadians into thinking they support Canada’s Armed Forces. But Canadians can see through the NDP’s veiled attempt because the NDP’s anti-Canadian Armed Forces record is clear:

Mulcair’s NDP opposes giving the Canadian Armed Forces the tools they need to do their job and protect Canada. The NDP has consistently stood up in the House of Commons to vote against our men and women in uniform at every opportunity. The NDP has voted against every initiative we have brought forward to help our men and women in uniform; including:

  • They voted against enhancing support for severely injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces;
  •  They voted against funding to support Canada’s training mission in Afghanistan;
  •  They voted against upgrades to Light Armoured Vehicles III (LAV III);
  •  They voted against Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships;
  •  They voted against research at the Royal Military College;
  •  They voted against paying for health care costs for veterans not covered by provincial health programs;
  • • They voted against a commemorative Naval monument; And
  •  They voted against military trucks to transport troops and supplies.

Thomas Mulcair himself has been critical of the investments we’ve made in our Canadian Armed Forces: “They’ve increased military spending… They’ve spent on things that weren’t necessary.” (CBC News Network, March 5, 2010)

The NDP leader at the time even criticized the selection of shipyards in B.C. and Nova Scotia under the $35 billion National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Steven Staples, President of the left-wing NDP think-tank, the Rideau Institute has lobbied for the NDP’s real goal: “The government should reduce National Defence spending, with the ultimate goal of returning to pre–September 2001 levels.” (November 16th, 2011).

The NDP’s opposition to our government’s investments in the Canadian Armed Forces has even led them to the extreme position of alleging that wars will be found to use the equipment being bought : “Will it become the case where our defence policies will be dictated by the military equipment we have?” (Translation) (Le Devoir, August 11, 2009).

NDP MP Denis Bevington even opposes the work of the Canadian Rangers to protect the Arctic:

“I’m not a fan of militarizing the Arctic. It would represent a failure of international diplomacy and co-operation. There is lots of room within this world for us to make a success out of international Arctic agreements and understandings. I think that’s where we have to go.” (News North, May 25, 2009)

NDP MP Peter Stoffer was on target when he said to the 2006 NDP Convention, “Where we as a party fall down is on issues of defence and foreign affairs.” (Chronicle-Herald, September 10, 2006)

Mulcair’s NDP has only one military policy – do nothing to support our military.

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