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NDP and Liberals plan to hike gas taxes

April 02, 2012

Families across the country woke up to higher gas prices this week, yet Thomas Mulcair’s NDP and the Liberals continue to call for an expensive tax on gas.

Both the NDP and the Liberals would impose a job-killing carbon tax on Canadians that would see gas prices skyrocket, along with prices for everything else Canadian families buy.

In fact, Mr. Mulcair even rode to the NDP leadership on a radical promise to “internalize” the cost of gas through a carbon tax plan more extreme than the plan proposed by the NDP in the last election.

While Mr. Mulcair’s NDP wants to impose higher gas prices on Canadians, our Conservative government reduced the GST by two percent, strengthened the powers of the Competition Bureau, and brought in the Fairness and the Pumps Act.

We have also strengthened the Competition Bureau’s powers to combat price fixing – power already getting results with recent prosecutions in Ontario.

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